Welcome to the Eye-Give Foundation

About Us


Helping to preserve the gift of sight, for everyone, everywhere

Our Vision:

The gift of sight is a precious one that some are not able to enjoy, for any number of reasons of cercomstance.  industrialized nations and regions enjoy the availability of technology and information that allows sight to be preserved well into the twilight years.  other regions are underserved, economically disadvantaged or simply lack the availability of information regarding maintaining ongoing healthy vision.

Eye Give reviews the activities of organizations dedicated to addressing, treating, assisting, training or educating these regions, and arranges the donation of imaging devices.  Detection, documentation and management of disease

Our Charter:

Founded in 2010 by Optovue Incorporated, the  Eye-Give Foundation charter is to arrange or provide donations of advanced tehcnology to various sight-saving charities and organizations around the world.  

Optovue is a Fremont California manufacturer of advanced imaging tools for use in the eye care industry.   One of the company's development committments is to make advanced technology devices available for deployment and use in under developed regions world-wide.  Optovue will make these devices available to the various organizations through the Eye-Give Foundation.

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