Welcome to the Eye-Give Foundation

Q & A

What is the charter of the Eye Give Foundation?

Eye Give was founded in order to provide an organization that organizes, procures and donates diagnostic imaging devices, and clinical expertise to charitable organizations active in fighting eye disease around the world. 

What is the criteria used to decide on a recipient?

The Board of Directors reviews a list of known charities and those who have made a request for donation.  Organizations are reviewed for their activities in underserved regions of the world and the ongoing or annual projects.

Are there any costs associated with the donation

The system cost is covered, including shipping to the primary logistical address of the organization.  At that point the recipient organization takes ownership and is responsible for all logistical and shipping costs associated with getting the system to the project site.

Does Eye Give provide training of personnel on the systems donated?

Yes.  A representative from the clinical application specialist team will train the primary users at the first site of delivery, prior to the reshipment to the project site.

How do I make a request or get on the list of organizations considered to receive a donation?

Click on the CONTACT US option in the menu and provide all contact and pertinent information about your organization or group. 

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